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Get Certified - Whole Brain Practitioner Training Program

The NBI™ Whole Brain Practitioner Training is an intensive 3 Day training (24 credit hours) Program.

The Whole Brain Instruments 
As the training unfolds you will be equipped to determine and understand your own thinking preferences as well as those of clients, employees, colleagues, students, etc.  You will learn how to analyze brain profiles, report on these brain dominances and make suggestions regarding relationships, life passions, job placement, study opportunities, leadership styles, whole brain teams and much more.

The Skills Instrument and the Job Instrument
These instruments identify the skills necessary to complete a job successfully, as well as determine different people’s perceptions towards the same job. It also indicates your personal and professional skills

Personal Negativity Instrument
You will help people to rid themselves of personal negativity which limits people’s creativity and zest for life. 
The Organizational Wellness Instrument
You will be able to do ongoing assessment of the ten most critical factors that determine the dynamic level of the environment (e.g. trust, communications, learning, etc) and calculate movements of these levels within departments, branches as often as you like.
After your initial three day training you will have the unique opportunity to do a supervised internship at your own time and in your own work environment.  During this time you will be coached and mentored as a whole brain practitioner.  You will implement whole brain concepts in you work, and reap the immediate benefits.  You will be assisted with expert technical advice and help to manage your own administration site.

Upon the completion of the training you will receive a licensing certificate as an accredited Whole Brain Practitioner.

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Get Certified

To use the NBI™ as a facilitator, coach, trainer or consultant, you must first complete the NBI™ practitioner licensing program.