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NBI™ Eating Habits Instrument

Your NBI™ Eating Habits Profile will give you insight into your weight loss style, issues that are important to you and even where there could be room for improvement! Because the focus is on thinking preferences the end result is neither good nor bad or right or wrong.

The NBI™ Eating Habits Profile is a descriptive, objective analysis of your thinking choices and makes recommendations based on those. The profile measures thinking preferences, and not the skills or abilities necessary to execute those preferences. It is therefore possible that you could have a very strong preference for order, planning and organisation in a weight loss programme, but never had the opportunity to develop the skills to plan and organise it to your satisfaction. The recommendation in this instance would be that since the desire is there, the skills to support that desire should be developed in order to be more effective in following the weight loss programme you chose.

Case Study - Eating habits that destroy her life

Brittney is a talented young professional with a bright future. She is deeply intuitive and creative.  As a student she had many friends and is often the life of the party.  Currently she is deeply frustrated with her weight.  It seems that she binge eats the moment when she goes through a difficult experience with relationships or when she has to make an important life decision.  After a day of eating too much, she always resents herself for her lack of discipline, and promises herself not to do it again.  However, this does not seem to  change her bad eating habits. 

Question:  How will you help her to get an understanding into her eating style pattern, and how will you assist her in solving this very real problem?

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