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NBI™ Golf Instrument

The NBI™ Golf Instrument identifies the thinking preferences of the individual golfer. As we are dealing with preferences it is important to note that no profile is better than any other, but clearly there are implications from any given preference in how you play the game and the results you achieve. The NBI™ Golf Profile is a descriptive, non-judgmental analysis. The report gives a description of individual thinking preferences and makes recommendations based on those.

It may well be that by adopting different strategies and thinking differently about the game at certain times you can improve your scores and lower your handicap accordingly!

Case Study
- Andrew’s golf style
Andrew is 35 years old and loves his game of golf. He is an entrepreneur who loves travelling.  He is also an ardent poker player.. Andrew usually makes enough money to have a fairly affluent lifestyle, however, he regularly has a bank overdraft. He regularly changes his golf gear.
Question: How do you think Andrew will fare as a golf player? How should his coach approach him to improve his style of playing? 


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