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Workshops - Life and Career Application Strategies for the 21st Century
Creative Problem Solving and Goal-setting the Whole Brain Way - leading towards Organizational Wellness Duration: 2 hours
“Raise the bar"  "Think out side of the box"  "Bolster the bottom line” – Words that we hear on a regular basis. But how do we really apply and interpret these applications in the workplace and in an organization? Creative doing in the workplace can only take place within a creative environment. In this 2 hour workshop we take a look at the ten critical factors essential for success in the 21st Century work environment. We also learn to identify the pitfalls of negativity and do a practical application, namely: “Getting-rid-of–the-negativity process.”
The Whole Brain in Action in Leadership Duration: 1 1/2 hours
The 21st century leader in the workplace will need to be a whole brain leader, a leader that understands the different brain preferences of his or her team and must be able to interpret their preferences in such a way that would inspire them most.

The successful leader is the person who can lead and manage others according to their particular preferences at different times.

In looking at the 21st century, we now have the golden opportunity to recognize the individual brain preference differences between members in our working team, and utilize these differences in a creative whole brain way. As entrepreneurs, team leaders and management we need to quickly assess, understand and interpret our team’s strengths. We will need to search out their unique skills and brain preferences and balance it with our own brain preferences and skills.

In this century, organizations are bending towards a more intuitive leadership style. The reason for this is because organizations are faced with rapid change in technology and almost every aspect of our day-to-day business. Decisions will therefore have to be made based on intuition, (a skill and preference that most women are in tune with).

During this 90-minute workshop we take a look at the different leadership styles according to brain preference profiles of leaders, and we learn to understand the importance of the whole brain approach in a team and as a leader. We apply whole brain principles for team and leadership management in the workplace.

The Whole Brain in Action in written communication – document profiling Duration: 1 1/2 hours
Wouldn’t you feel great if you know for sure that every document that you are constructing communicates your message as clearly as possible, and that the person who is reading it understands it exactly the way you wanted it to be received? During this 90-minute Document-profiling workshop you will learn how to construct a document in such a way that your material would have a strong appeal to people with particular thinking preferences. At the same time we learn to analyze a document in terms of brain preferences, we can compare the document with the preferences of the receiver and identify likely areas of acceptance and possible rejection of our documents or letters.

Document profiling involves capturing both the words and images offered in a document. Document profiling is NOT an exact science. The aim is to get a flavour of the document so that it can be compared to other scientific measurements like brain quadrant and - dimension preferences research and facts.

International Whole Brain Practitioner Training Certification Program Duration: 24 hrs
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