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From a student:

As a student I found the NBI Brain profile to be exceptionally useful due to its ability to overview my academic and social preferences. Furthermore, with an acquired brain preference understanding, I was able adapt myself to any academic situation and perform to the best of my ability - I was able to place myself into a position that was headed toward success. NBI profiling not only helps me in my daily academic life, but also in choosing career options and preparing myself for my career.
-- Christi N, student Simon Fraser University, CA.

As a Teacher:

During my preparation in becoming a teacher, a challenge that was placed before us as trainee teachers was to "unlock" or "open up" the student in order for them to discover their potential. In the course of time of teaching I found that this noble intention so easily gets lost during the pressures of the day and the ordinary routine of daily teaching. This aspiration of education gets moved into obscurity for many reasons. Paramount amongst those reasons is the fact that we don't get the opportunity to really know how our students think. Their preferences are generally being ignored as we engross ourselves in objectives and desired outcomes of our lessons and curriculum demands.

When I discovered whole brain thinking and especially how easy it is to "diagnose" where the students are at, it opened up a major doorway to unlocking the potential of the student. It has challenged me to change my teaching style and methodology to meet the individual needs of my students. I now also understand my students so much better. This discovery has led to a more open ended approach catering for different ways to accomplish desired outcomes. My students understand better and are generally more fulfilled in the class.
-- Desmond D, Ca.

In the workplace:

I just wanted to tell you that it would be one year as of March 15th that I started my job. Who knew that I'd make it this far, considering that I wanted to quit within the first three months?

I felt so devastated when month after month, people at work were ignoring me and not returning my smile. What did I ever do to them? I felt so miserable. I was so different... The problem had to be me. My self-esteem was taking a beating and I was at a loss. I went for counselling.

Anna suggested that we find out why I feel like such a square peg in a round hole. I set out on a route of self-discovery and did the NBI Brain Profile. The results showed me that I operate entirely on the artistic side of my brain. I was always working in environments where creativity is not looked upon as an attribute, where patterns are the norm, and where certain personalities are not prone to accepting people who differ from them. In the past I tried everything to get people to like me, I was a smiling machine, but it did no good. Finally, I decided that if God wanted me at my work, I was just going to be myself.

It took a good six months before anyone started coming around, and even then, in a business place of over 100 people, only four decided they'd get to know me. It's been close to a year now, and I can say there are probably eight people that have come around. And, there are a few others who can tolerate me. The original four think I'm a hoot because of my quick comebacks - I have them rolling on the floor sometimes. The other four think I'm okay because they're friends with the first four, and so on...

So, it's easy now, right? It's still not easy, I don't always get my breaks, but I don't cry everyday now. However, I can see the big picture now, as I couldn't before. If I had quit, I would have taken a position where shift work is the norm. If I'd done that, I wouldn't have been able to take a semester of Biology classes in order to qualify for the nurse's entrance assessment (which I wasn't aware of in the first three months of work). And, if I ran (which I was more than willing to do), I would've gone into training for something that I think is very worthwhile, but for some reason I believe that God wants me on the path of study that I'm pursuing. None of these things would've come about if I hadn't "persevered."

I don't know why God put me through such a trial, but I made it with His help, not my own steam, believe me. There's a Blessing at the end of the fire walk, but when you're in it, it seems that nothing's going to let up. I've learned a very important lesson, and that is not to judge anyone and to be myself.. I now know there's nothing wrong with me. - Doing the NBI Brain Profile also helped me to understand that.
-- S. V. BC, Canada

At the time I did NBI profiling I had just completed a course where I had done a number of other similar type tests such as Meyers Briggs, Copes, Strongs etc. I found the NBI to be more accurate and gave me insight into areas the others did not. Now I find it very helpful in recognizing areas of stress and extremely good in knowing how to communicate with co-workers and clients.
-- Cheryl D, B.C.

I found Anna’s coaching methods very effective. At the time I came to speak with her, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that was going on in my life. I had a thriving business, which had grown exponentially over the previous year, and I was having tremendous difficulty maintaining a balance between life and work. Sitting with Anna for just that hour helped me to put many things into proper perspective. She identified a few key ideas in my life that were causing the difficulties and gave me very useful and immediately implementable strategies to deal with them.
-- BR, Langley, BC

From the desk of a training executive:

Professionally, I've used the NBI training to become more effective in my daily work as an IT instructor/presenter, able to quickly adapt my presentations to better meet the needs of all types of learners. The training also helped me identify tasks in running a business that I needed to outsource to others so I can focus the majority of my time on things that I can do best and enjoy the most. Personally, taking the NBI profile has helped me to determine to focus my time and future plans on areas and activities that I am passionate about. Also I'm learning to appreciate more the uniqueness and giftings in each person I meet.
-- RD, Canada